Bera History

Bera History

Bera is a small hamlet situated in the Aravali range of Rajasthan and surrounded by lakes and dams. The Jagir of Bera was given by Maharana Pratap I of Mewar to his fourth son Shekhaji for his bravery and chivalry. It was after his father's death that Shekhaji sat on the gaadi of Bera, until then he was residing in Udaipur. Shekhaji was officially crowned the Thakur Of Bera in the year 1641. Shekhaji built the border of Bali in 1653. The Beragarh was built by Shekhaji's son Thakur Chaturbhuj ji in 1662.

The Ramji Bavji's temple was built by Th. Anoop Singhji in 1778. The idol worshipped is of Shree Hari Vishnu with idols of Sita ji, Bharat, Laxman, and Shatrughan attached to it, so the deity is worshipped as Shree Ram and Vishnu as Shree Ram being the avatar of Shree Hari Vishnu. The idol emerged out from the earth and thereafter the temple was built.

The family belongs to the Sisodia clan of Rajputs from Mewar. The Sisodia is an Indian Rajput clan, who claim Suryavanshi lineage.

Suryavanshi lineage: Raja Ram - Raja Luv - Kanaksen of Vallabhi - Guhil - Bappa Rawal - Khuman - Maharana Pratap I - Shekhaji