Best Time to Visit Bera

Are you going to Jawai to see the abundant flora and fauna? Are you confused which is the best time to visit Bera, Rajasthan? Not a very significant issue as through this blog we will tell you about the right time to visit this leopard conservation reserve and assist you in knowing other details about the region.

The ideal time to visit for Leopard Safari in Rajasthan is from September to March because these are the winter months as spotting leopards and other wildlife creatures is better in this time.

However, you can see these large, friendly cats in Bera at any time of year because leopards in this region emerge from their caves throughout the year. The region around Bera and Jawai is not dense forest, that’s why it is easy to explore leopards throughout the year. The leopards’ familiarity with people is another factor contributing to their ease of observation in Bera throughout the year.